WineBlock was founded in 2016 by gal pals Brenda and Lauren who like many others, suffer from red wine lips and teeth (aka wine mouth), that occurs when drinking red wine. Researching ways to end wine mouth resulted in finding no preventative solution in the marketplace and giving up drinking red wine or drinking it through a straw, is not a viable option. The founders of WineBlock want to order their beloved red wine and consume it without the fear of looking like a zombie or like they’ve consumed an entire bottle of red after only one glass. The long-term staining effect of red wine is also a concern. The acids in the wine (both red and white) can wear down the enamel on your teeth and the colorful tannins and dyes (in some wines) can cause staining. After two years in product development working with both natural and flavor Chemists, WineBlock was born.

The Product
Red wine lovers, meet your new best friend – WineBlock. With a swipe of our clear, all natural and plant-based formula to your lips & teeth before you drink wine you’re protected from the dreaded wine smile.

How it Works
As you would apply sunblock to protect your skin before you head out in the sun, apply WineBlock before drinking wine to help prevent staining. Directions; Apply a dime sized amount to your teeth. Smooth over upper and lower teeth with tongue. Next apply to your lips like a lip balm.

Product Details
We believe the things you put on your body to keep it looking it’s best, should be natural and made with non-toxic ingredients. Our ingredients consist of natural and moisturizing oils as well as proprietary stain blocking agents. WineBlock is allergen-free, dye-free, gluten-free, non-toxic, never tested on animals and made with an inconspicuous taste to not interfere with the taste of wine.

MSRP – $12.95

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