Pediluxe Foot Exfoliating Peel – Two Pack (Contains 2 full treatments)

Smooth, Soft Feet with Just One Treatment! Say hello to baby soft feet with the Pediluxe exfoliating foot peeling mask. The gentle yet effective formula repairs dry, cracked, and calloused skin in just one treatment. It peels away dead skin and leaves behind soft and moisturized feet. Made with a nourishing blend of fruit acid, chamomile flower, orange peel oil, and seaweed, this foot exfoliation peeling mask will transform your feet – naturally. The fruit acid gently exfoliates your feet and removes dead skin, while the botanical extracts help soothe and moisturize.

Pamper yourself from the comfort of your home with this relaxing lavender-scented foot peel treatment. Easy to use, simply wear the foot peel booties for an hour and relax. The foot exfoliator will gently and naturally peel away dead skin within 3-7 days after application. This foot peel offers gorgeous results that will last up to 90 days

MSRP – $28 – two pack – 2 full treatments

Pediluxe directions for best results:

  • Clean and dry feet – product is best used right after a shower or bath.
  • Take out the booties and cut along the seal between the two.
  • Put your foot into the bootie and seal with the attached tape.
  • Relax and wear the bootie for 60 minutes with your feet up.
  • Remove the mask, discard and rinse your feet with water and soap. Do not apply foot lotion.
  • Dead skin will start to dry and peel between 3-5 days after initial application with total time from use to completion around 10-14 days.
  • For best results, put feet in or under warm water each day
  • Allow dead skin to peel naturally. Do not forcibly remove the skin because it may cause damage to the skin. You will find the dead skin sloughs off just by rubbing. Do not use a foot file until most of the dead skin is gone.
  • Results will vary depending on the condition of individual feet. For extremely hard and thick calluses, a second treatment may be used in about 2 weeks

INGREDIENTS: Water, Glycerol, Milk Fermented Extract, D-Glucito, Aloe Extract, Lactic Acid, Papain.

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