Exceptional Nail, Hand, Foot & Body Treatment Products

Heidi & Company’s Nail Solution, Velvet Heels and Crème Delux Hand Cream are the most exceptional Hand, Foot and Body Treatments we have found. Once you try them you will be hooked.

My goal is to research and present the best products in the market that serve a purpose, and fulfill a promise! This addition to our product mix is Heidi & Company’s Hand, Nail, Foot and Body Treatments! Not new to the market, yet not widely known, these products have been best sellers in stores for almost 10 years. We were so impressed by the promised results that we couldn’t resist introducing our customers to these much needed products! You know how we are about niche products.

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Heidi's Nail Solution

Heidi’s Nail Solution is a non-greasy nail treatment cream for damaged nails and cuticles. This top selling formula took years to perfect, and repairs thin, weak, and even acrylic damaged nails in 7-10 days. Repairs hangnails and dry, rough cuticles in 1-3 days. This solution is non drying like traditional nail strengtheners’ which can contain chemicals.

MSRP – $19.00 – .75 oz jar

Contains more protein than any competitive nail treatment cream. Visibly improves the health of weak, thin, even acrylic damaged nails in 7-10 days. Our classic protein rich nail strengthener and cuticle repair cream nourishes and repairs nails, giving flexible strength and a healthy glow. Enriched with oil of cashmere, cottonseed oil, lanolin, and soybean oil which is rich in Vitamin E. This non-greasy treatment is equally popular for both men and women. Naturally scented. For the regular maintenance of nails and cuticles, massage small amount of Heidi’s Nail Solution® onto nail plate and cuticles twice daily.

Heidi's Velvet Heels

Heidi’s Velvet Heels advanced ingredients work triple fast to heal painfully cracked heels in three ways. Breaks down hardened dry skin to penetrate and emulsify damaged areas. Regenerates new, healthy skin cells that are naturally soft and smooth. Rich, natural Shea Butter gives long term penetrating moisturizing power to maintain healing. Use daily for amazing results.

MSRP – $18.00  – 4 oz tube


  • For maximum results, exfoliate feet first.
  • Massage onto to clean heels & feet each night
  • For intensive results, wear a pair of light cotton socks overnight, after applying Velvet Heels
  • Use after each shower, bath or swim
  • Re-apply every 24 hours

Heidi's Creme Delux

Heidi’s Crème Deluxe is a blend of delicate oils and moisturizers specially formulated to restore extremely dry or chapped skin.  Customers tell us that Crème deluxe works better than prescription crèmes for conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Crème deluxe heals and soothes the skin and does not sting or irritate.  Highly concentrated, and even hand washing will not diminish the moisturizing effects!

MSRP – $25.00 – 4 oz tube

Deep penetration of moisture into skin
Anti-wrinkle formula
Survives Three hand-washings
Excellent for diabetic skin and skin affected by psoriasis and eczema
Contain nail protein to strengthen nails
Non-greasy, yet rich creamy texture
Aqua, Stearic acid, shea butter, Vitamin B